Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Time!!

Words & Wine 2010 in pictures (Part 1):
 And there's so much more....


  1. Hi Teresa. I've been going through my comments from the A-Z party, and found that I had not visited your blog(s). So I took the tour. They're wonderful. Tried to leave you a note re: the scrumptious looking party but "it" wouldn't let me. It's nice to find someone else who blogs about life, love, and whatever the noggin can come up with. I lost a 41 year-old daughter to breast cancer in 2001 but have not yet been able to blog about it. Lost my "baby" son to a heart attack this past July. I am so glad you beat "c", Teresa. Keep in touch.My blogs: (political) (poetry&prose) (spiritual)

  2. Hi Teresa! This may be an older post but it is universal and timeless in it's subject matter and beauty! Just look at that field of lavender! Not to mention the food! And I just ate!

  3. Visiting Houston right now. Tried to go to a winery yesterday but it was closed. But we did get to an ice cream factory and I can't complain about that good fortune. Then we stopped at an outlet mall on the way home. Started at the Coach store and 45 minutes later my wife left with four purses and a couple of little wallets or whatever. That was it for shopping. Personally I don't get it, but maybe you do.

    The Italian food sounds good to me.

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